The  'Magic Hands'  Mobile Massage Service

In February 2019, The Studio has introduced an exciting new program for businesses in Rotorua. We have created mobile teams of experienced and qualified therapists to perform massage on site for businesses in the C.B.D.


Massage therapy is a well-known way to decrease anxiety and depression. help you to feel calm and stay focused and relaxed. Massage therapy can also help relieve muscle tension, headaches and the aches and pains normally associated with long hours sitting or standing in a working environment.


A fifteen minutes workplace massage to the neck, back, arms and hands can:


• Lower anxiety        • Increase circulation and energy        • Boost the immune system

• Lower blood pressure         • Relieve muscle pains and headaches

• Decrease stress      • Generate more flexibility


As massage therapy can improve your overall well-being and immune system, workplace massage can benefit employers because they see a reduction in the number of sick days employees take, which helps to increase productivity and improve your team’s overall morale.


Employers are also able to use the incentive of workplace massage for hiring and keeping staff.

Workplace massage is provided with minimum disruption to work. The fifteen-minute massage is performed on a small massage chair provided by each therapist and can be done either at the work station or in a designated area.


Once massage is performed the staff member can continue resume work and the therapist moves on to the next person. The number of therapists provided will be determined by the number of staff members requiring massage.


Each therapist will massage four team members in an hour with a five-minute break after that hour. The whole process is designed to ensure minimum disruption to normal operation of the business. A minimum of ten staff members per business is required to qualify for the program.


The Studio Rotorua only provides qualified/experienced massage therapists for this work. Therapists come with a wide range of Thai massage techniques so that we can endeavour to provide a style to suit everyone. All therapists are experienced in providing   light or mild massage through to deep tissue.

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